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Ariana Hanley

     Ariana Hanley has worked in the arts for the majority of her life, pursuing her career at both MassArt and Bridgewater State University with a bachelors of arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. She has also worked in an art internship for two years, learning acrylic and oil painting skills while working closely with artists on Cape Cod. For 9+ years she had helped create flower arrangements for the elderly and organize the art exhibits featured at the Barnstable County Fair’s 4-H building. 


     The mediums that she works with include acrylic, charcoal, sculpture, photography, stop motion, video art, and graphic design. She heads social media and advertising for Woodruff’s Art Center. She continues to pursue her art as well as pushing herself to constantly try new mediums and techniques as she furthers her career.  

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