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Arthur Tsicoulias

     Arthur Tsicoulias is an artist who works simultaneously in the mediums of painting and photography. Photography was his first love, fostered by his father who built him a home darkroom at age 9. Arthur studied photography at the Art Institute in Boston, and worked for 15 years at a commercial photo lab as a printer. This work gave Arthur an understanding of the emotional power of color and composition. 


     He first began painting abstractly from a desire to work with the colors that he had been capturing in his photographs. Arthur is particularly drawn to all of the bright hues found both in nature and in man-made environments. His painting process begins with creating layers of paint by using a hairdryer to fix each color. He then scrapes through the surface, incising geometric shapes and lines using a pin, nail, or palette knife.


     Arthur continues to devote equal time to both of these seemingly divergent mediums, creating a dialogue between the hand and the eye.

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