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Anne Tochka

      Several years ago, Anne arrived on Cape Cod for the summer and found herself staying year round to soak up the inspiration that she found in the changing landscapes of the quieter seasons.  Before becoming a full time painter, she attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and graduated with a BFA in Communications Design: Illustration. After school she worked as a visual merchandiser and designer, an experience which she feels helped her to further develop her skills as a visual storyteller. She brings this training to her current work, working both plein air and in the studio, using brushstrokes and color to tell the story of the changing landscape. 

     Anne has completed artist residencies in Sibiu, Romania; Puebla, Mexico; and Urubamba, Peru. She finds that immersion in unfamiliar settings and cultures has strengthened her visual language and her ability to communicate specific places through painting. She has recently relocated to Des Moines, Iowa, where a new set of landscapes and adventure awaits.

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