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Christmas Lights on Trees

Happy Holidays!

Celebrate the Holidays with Creative Presents

Here is Woodruff's Art Centers Holiday Gift Guide!


Vintage Inspired Tote Bags

These tote bags feature beautiful vintage imagery from the Cavallini archives and include a handy interior pocket. Tote bags measure 13" x 17" and are made of 100% natural cotton canvas.


Ninki Soft-Cover

Handmade Journals

This genuine leather pouch contains three books ideal for writing, drawing and multi-media on the go. Each book is sewn-bound and includes 64 pages of different papers; ivory paper, cream laid paper and kraft paper. The soft-cover is made using Lokta paper that has been worked with wax to reveal deep, changing colors. The leather pouch features a fold-over flap and beaded tie closure.


Art History Coloring Books

These art history-themed coloring books include famous artwork designs printed on thick, high-quality paper. The Paper is suitable for any medium, including pencils, watercolors, paint and ink. Each book contains 12 masterpieces to color.


Graphix Aqua Pen Sets

For watercolor painting on watercolor paper, Graphix Aqua dual-tip pens offer high-quality, lightfast, waterbased pigment ink in a range of brilliant colors.

Chuji Fude Brush Pen

The Chuji Fude Brush Pens, has a brush tip that works great for calligraphy and lettering. It features Black water-based pigment ink.


SoFlat Matte Acrylics

SoFlat Matte Acrylic delivers an unmatched combination of intense matte color with enhanced leveling and opacity, enabling artists to achieve uniform fields of rich color with archival performance in indoor applications. The paint is formulated to make it easier for artists to create uniform fields of rich matte color in fewer layers than Golden's other color lines.


Woven Cat

Handmade Pouches

These cat pouches are woven by hand on a traditional loom. They are constructed of 100% cotton and feature a zipper closure. 


Canvas Pencil Cases

These handcrafted pencil cases are made of a finely woven canvas. They are perfect for storage or for artists on the go! There are also Roll Up Cases as well.

Chatter Feet Socks!

These fun creative socks are made from Cotton. These are perfect for creative art lovers! We have "Eltoe John", "David Toewie", "Frida Callus", "Screamy Ed", & "Sole-Adore Dali". 


Colored Pencils

& Sketch Books

Can't find a small gift for an artist? You could always grab a set of colored pencils and a small sketchbook as a great small gift! We have different brands of both Colored Pencils and Watercolor Pencils!

Gansai Tambi

Watercolor Sets

Gansai Tambi watercolor is a water-based mixture of mica and pigment, a combination that creates beautiful luminescent colors. We have four deferent sets, including: The Stary Set, The Pearl Set, The Gem Set, & The Opal Set!

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