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Lisa Horton

     It all started in a small Cape Cod village along the canal, in a simple wood house on a country road.

     When she was just a little girl she'd put on her slip and go out for a twirl. In her backyard she'd twirl and swirl, when she was just a little girl.

     After she'd grown a little more she'd go for walks along the shore, she'd sing her songs out to sea and wonder what she'd one day be, when she had grown a little more.

     The years flew by as all time does and she forgot the girl she was; because, because, because, because, because.

     Now years later the kids have grown and she and her husband are on their own. A new phase of life has begun, there are poems to be written and songs to be sung, there is art to create for it's never too late to take a walk down by the sea and discover what you'll one day be.

     Lisa Horton was born and raised on Cape Cod. Although she always dabbled in collage, she entered the art scene late in life as the poem above describes.

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