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Lisa Horton

     Lisa Horton was born and raised on Cape Cod, growing up near the Cape Cod Canal. She began working at Woodruff's Art Center in the early days of the business. A people person, she spent much of her time working closely with framing customers, art collectors and local artists. Inspired by the creative atmosphere, she eventually decided to give voice to her own artistic expression,  beginning by making small collages using decorative paper, and soon expanding her oeuvre  to include 3-D forms, comprised of a variety of materials.  

     Lisa now works with paper, fabric and found media to create whimsical assemblages with an eye to color and texture. She is an active member of Fiber Fusion, a like minded group of women artists who are dedicated to creating and exhibiting work using textiles as their preferred medium.  Lisa is now retired from Woodruffs and she and her husband Bob split their time between their homes here on the Cape and in Florida.          

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