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Margaret Nowak

     Born and raised in South Africa under the shadow of Apartheid, Margaret Nowak immigrated to the United States in the mid ‘60's. She traveled extensively with her family, finally settling in the Boston area and now lives on Cape Cod. 

      "The concepts of change, loss, abandonment, hope, love, renewal and home influence my work, which is infused with a sense of familiarity.  I find I have come full circle to rediscover more fully my life experiences.  My travels throughout Southern Africa, the British Isles and South America and growing up in South Africa provide endless source material to explore different directions in my work.  My inspiration comes from tribal and primitive patterns, the patterns of birds and animals, the ocean, my garden, patterns of light in spaces and the bold and sensitive world of color.

     Diaries, sketchbooks, working from life and old photographs all contribute to the development of images. I apply many layers, seeking openness, space and light to reveal the history behind and between the layers.  Color, pattern, shape, texture, line and other visual elements all stem from significant links to nature and with the convergence of my personal near and distant past.


      I paint to experience and feel the joy and challenge of discovery.  This challenge to simplify the complexities of painting and drawing gives me focus, keeps me centered, engaged and absorbed in a playful, mindful process.  This challenge has become a life pursuit.”

From the Back of the Car
Breaking Away #6_edited
Breaking Away #5
Open Windows
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