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Stephanie King

Stephanie King's art draws attention to the extraordinary beauty that is often hidden in plain sight throughout our landscapes. Using materials gleaned from nature, she explores the potential of often-overlooked wild botanicals and washed-ashore seaweed.   She has spent over two decades exploring the fine lines between land flora and marine algae.

      The creative process begins with wild crafting flowers, lichens, mosses, leaves and seaweed along the seashore. Next, the gathered materials are cleaned, sorted and arranged onto wet paper  and are then pressed in a large press over several weeks. This process is very much a form of 'slow art'.  Each piece that is designed is then transformed into a preserved piece of natural history; a unique fingerprint of the seaside location where its raw materials were collected.  

     Stephanie's mission is to create visual art that fosters an emotional response, connecting people to the environment, and ultimately motivating them to care more about protecting the land and oceans.   Through her artwork, she hopes to encourage more people to rethink their relationship with seaweed and better understand the role that these underwater gardens play in keeping our oceans - and our planet - healthy.

Merry-Go-Round Seahorse
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